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How to Edit a Let's Play [Guide]


Author's Update: the guide is now live. Feel free to download it and share it with anyone you think might enjoy it or be inspired by it.

This website (and all the blogs hosted on it) are a basic fusion of my desire to work for Rooster Teeth and the methodology ingrained in me called Inbound Marketing. I could go in-depth for both, but I'll leave them for separate blog posts for another time (don't be too sad).

In this post, I want to tell you about a piece of premium content I am working on, based on a Rooster Teeth video. If you went to the page about it, all you saw was a one sentence description, so I want this blog post to explain a little more about it.

I am in the process of polishing up my first draft the guide, so stay tuned for its debut.

I can really blame a lot of things on one of my close friends, Peter Kress. He's the one who introduced me to Red vs. Blue (and thus Rooster Teeth), as well as Wheel of Time (a series that I dedicated way too much of my life too). It's really because of him that I'm doing a lot of this today.

While my chances of working at Rooster Teeth seem to be dwindling with every year, I still hold out hope that some miraculous event might happen that will at least put me on their radar. This guideis one way that I want to begin to not only develop myself as a marketer, web developer, and content creator, but also as an aspiring Rooster Teeth employee.

So, let's get down to business.

I've based this guide off a video created by Trevor Collins, and Achievement Hunter / Rooster Teeth employee. In this video, he goes through most of the steps (leaving out the meticulous and time-consuming ones) involved in editing a Let's Play video. While the content in this video was informative and enjoyable, I thought that it could have been more accessible. So, I thought I could convert it into an guide.

I've tried to keep all the content the same while expanding upon certain actions and themes that will hopefully help others who want to use Adobe Premiere to edit some of their videos. I've broken it out into sections based on what Trevor was referencing in the video, and took screenshots that I hope will make some of his decisions more clear.

While this isn't an all-encompassing guide, it hits on the fundamentals of how one editor at Rooster Teeth creates a finished and high-quality video. I have finished the outline and am currently in the process of polishing it and adding the appropriate colors, fonts, and images that I hope reflect the original creator of this content.

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