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A Rooster Teeth Timeline - Where Did it All Begin?


Many years ago, a group of friends decided to combine the two things they loved in life: alcohol and video games. This decision, along with many drinks and questions about why it's called a warthog, blossomed into the company Rooster Teeth.

In April of 2003, Red vs. Blue, along with Rooster Teeth, began its first step on the journey of online video pioneering. Through the years, they have celebrated many achievements and establishing a presence online and in the real word.

Looking back into my own history of finding Rooster Teeth, I started to get curious as to how their decisions as a company have formed who they are today. This brings to mind the classic thought exercise that Gavin occasionally brings up (forgive me if I totally botch it) - do you remember the once decision that you made in life that has brought you to where you are today?

I started to analyze Rooster Teeth’s history to see if I could find what that decision for them might have been. What I found, was that there wasn’t really that one decision that formed them into who they are. Of course, the founders and those on the inside might disagree since they would actually know more.

After doing some research, though, I decided to compile some of the most important dates into a timeline. Here is what I designed.