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5 New Projects Based on Rooster Teeth Content

5 New Projects Based on Rooster Teeth Content.jpg

I spent about an hour of my day brainstorming new content ideas that I could work on this summer while I am in the Philippines. Considering the two pieces of content that I have already made, the guide to editing let's plays based on Trevor's video, and then a basic RT timeline, I wanted to keep making content that people enjoyed just as much as those two.

Not only is it my dream to work at Rooster Teeth, it is also just a passion of mine to create quality content that people will find fun and/or informative. So, with the amount of content being made by Rooster Teeth, it almost doesn't make sense not to make something awesome based on what they've already done. Some might call it unoriginal, I call it efficient.

So, based on recent content made by Rooster Teeth and myself, here are five projects that I'll be working on over the next few months.

1) Season 15 of Red vs. Blue Statistical Infographic

With the newest season of Red vs. Blue just starting, I wanted to take this opportunity to really dive deep into the series again and help everyone appreciate the work put into it.

I fell out of touch with RvB about two seasons back, and after all the research I put into making the timeline, I realized more about how much of a hallmark RvB really is for Rooster Teeth. So, I want to make a monument of sorts that is dedicated to what was accomplished in this newest season, partly because it's not as overwhelming to watch each of episode of this season as it is going through last season and binge watching all the episodes already released.

As I watch new episodes and pick up on new jokes, events, and ideas, I'll be editing what will be in the actual infographic when the season finally wraps up. As of now, I am including: the number of explosions, a body count, number of bullets fired, a curse count, and a list of references to real world entities/events. Expect the finished infographic soon after the season comes to an end.

You can find the statistical infographic here.

2) History of Rooster Teeth Animation

Due to the general acceptance of my original Rooster Teeth timeline as well as my updated one, I wanted to revamp it in a new media format. So, I figured I could create a fairly simple animation that gives some life to my timeline. While I'll also be working on a new branching timeline, I want to make the animation based on the updated general one.

I imagine this animation to have a basic flow through all the events described in the timeline with a little more information about each event. As I begin work on this, I'll realize what looks better and what looks terrible, and will update accordingly. There is no release date yet.

3) A Branching History of Rooster Teeth

As mentioned above, I am also beginning work on a branching Rooster Teeth timeline. This will incorporate all the events laid out in the original timeline, but will be segmented on the different entities that are a part of Rooster Teeth.

These entities include Achievement Hunter, FunHaus, Cow Chop, ScrewAttack, Game Attack, and The Know. As of now, I am most familiar with Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter, and know almost nothing about all the others. Thus, this will be a more research heavy project than the others and may take some more time. You can expect the finished project sometime this summer as well.

You can see the finished infographic here.

4) The Face of Mad King Ryan Composed of His Verbal Flubs

Oh, the Mad King. Ryan Haywood is, without a doubt, my favorite Achievement Hunter. His obsession with controlling and dominating animals, on top of his wonderfully frequent moments of botching the English language, make him an invaluable source of content.

As anyone who is familiar with Achievement Hunter will know, Ryan tends to totally "flub" words during videos. These flubs are frequent enough that montages have been made that put them in the spotlight, with even Jon Risinger creating a post asking for members to post all the Ryan flubs they know.

I will be using that post, along with flubs in the more recent AH videos to create a portrait of Mad King Ryan. Each of his phrases will be incorporated into one amazing portrait that exemplifies his two exemplary traits: utter insanity, and mastery of botching the English language.

This project will take longer than the other ones due to my (lack of) artistic abilities. No release date has been determined.

5) A Guide on How to Make a Successful Podcast

Rooster Teeth continues to develop new avenues for their plethora of content. Podcasts have been one way that Rooster Teeth has delivered a variety of their content to millions of viewers. Their most popular podcast, the RT Podcast, or originally known as the Drunk Tank podcast, has continued to air weekly for the past nine years.

They have continued to create different podcasts as well, including:

  1. The Achievement Hunter podcast - Off Topic

  2. Rooster Teeth's Anime Podcast - Fan Service

  3. Rooster Teeth's Relationship Podcast - Relationship Goals

  4. Barbara Dunkelman's Ladies podcast - Always Open

  5. The Know podcast - Glitch Please

  6. FunHaus' podcast - Dude Soup

  7. GameAttack's podcast - The Try Hard Podcast

  8. ScrewAttacks's podcast - Death Battle Cast

While these podcasts cover different topics and each member of the podcast varies tremendously, I want to focus on why Rooster Teeth podcasts tend to do so well. Due to the research-intensive aspect of this guide, there is no release date yet.

Patrick Eng