The History of Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, The Know and FunHaus.

Author’s Note: I recently wrote up a broad explanation and outline of the current Rooster Teeth Family (as of October 2018). Since there seems to be a lot of curiosity (and general confusion), I hope that this outline can help clear things up.

Rooster Teeth has grown and evolved since its beginnings in 2003. For a company that began as some friends playing video games while drunk, to now being a competitor to Netflix, they have hit many milestones. From its growth, other ideas began to take shape. These ideas turned into Achievement Hunter and The Know. 

With Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, The Know and Funhaus producing so much content, it was hard to really get all the events on a single page and have it still look decent. I did the best I could, and you'll find a PDF of a timeline that I created below. 

When I was originally prepping for this project, I had wanted to include Game Attack, Screw Attack, and Cow Chop. As I got deeper into all of this however, I realized that I should keep it exclusive to the above four. Here is why:

1. I am not at all familiar with Game Attack, Screw Attack or Cow Chop and don't feel like I can give them the quality of content they deserve in terms of a timeline.

2. It was way too much content to fit on one page and I was starting to lose track of everything.

If anyone wants to make their own, feel free to tweet me and I can send you all the notes that I had already taken when researching for them. You can find me on Twitter @crzyasinman

Below the image, you can find all the notes I took that I used throughout this process. Also, all of the information found here has been taken from my own memory, the Rooster Teeth website, and the Rooster Teeth Wiki.

To quickly jump to any of the notes sections, click on one of the links below:

  1. Rooster Teeth

  2. Achievement Hunter

  3. The Know

  4. Funhaus

  5. ScrewAttack

  6. GameAttack

  7. Cow Chop

Timeline is not to scale.