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Interactive Content - Experience Matters

Interactive content is what I believe is the next big wave in the content marketing world. While I still think PDFs and blog posts still provide a ton of valuable information, I’m always looking for new ways to bring content to the masses. In this case, I’m hoping to leverage and share content that people can interact with. While it’s not perfect two-way communication, it’s no longer the one-sided marketing tactics like blog posts and guides.

Take a look.

A New Camper’s Field Guide to Rooster Teeth’s Camp Camp

With Season 4 of Camp Camp premiering on June 1st, I wanted to celebrate the start of the new season with a fun interactive page that people could use to learn more about all the characters in the show.

Bonus: there are still 3 easter eggs that nobody has found.

A Vero App Demo

Vero, an up an coming social media app that gives you the ability to share updates and content with the people you want. Welcome to True Social, a social media platform without ads.

All Shows Created by the Rooster Teeth Family

As Rooster Teeth continues to add to their library of content, both through original masterpieces and mergers, I wanted to create something that really helped someone experience the scope of what RT has made. So, I went through the entire RT catalog and made a short “bio“ for each show. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of updates, I wasn’t able to keep this experience updated.

The Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play Family Cheat Sheet

As the Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play family continues to grow (and shrink), I wanted to make a little cheat sheet that gave people a better idea of who was actually in the family and how closely they were related.

Major Google Algorithm Updates - an Interactive Timeline

SEO is in a constant state a change, especially when Google is updating their search algorithms on a daily basis. So, I put together some of the biggest changes and updates over the past 9 years and tried to explain them. The next time you hear the word panda, you might not think of the bear.

What You Need to Know About the Topic Cluster Methodology

SEO is no longer (and hasn’t been for a while) a game of indexing more pages and using more keywords. Today, it’s about leveraging your content as a way to help people and be an authoritative source of information for people to consume and trust. Enter Topic Clusters, a way you can connect and publish content in a way that helps accomplish this.