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History of Rooster Teeth [Infographic]

The Rooster Teeth Timeline - a Brief Infographic Covering Their Important Milestones

The History of Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth has grown and evolved since its beginnings in 2003. For a company that began as some friends playing video games while drunk, to now being a competitor to Netflix, they have hit many milestones.

I wanted to bring together some important moments in Rooster Teeth history, many of which I believe were foundational in forming the company into what it is today. While I can't hit on every milestone that Rooster Teeth has achieved, I hope that I at least focused on some of the most important ones.

For those of you who believe that there are many milestones missing, you are right. I limited it to a very specific set of events and will be revisiting/updating it as time goes on. Thank you for your tears.

You can view a PDF version of the timeline here

There is also a branching timeline I created that has various events for The Know, Funhaus, and Achievement Hunter. Head on over to see the branching timeline for the Rooster Teeth family.