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How to Edit a Let's Play [eBook]

How to Edit a Let’s Play as told by Rooster Teeth employee Trevor Collins


If you are a fan of Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter, then you are also probably familiar with a video that came out a few years ago, called How to Edit a LP as told by Achievement Hunter employee, Trevor Collins. In this video, Trevor goes through his routine of editing a Let’s Play video using the software Adobe Premiere CC 2015.

I created this Guide to give people a more hands on version of the video, something that they can pull up when they are trying to edit their own videos, and are possibly an aspiring RT employee like myself. All the main content in this guide is pulled from the video, with a few minor additions that I hope you all find helpful.

Author's Note: myself nor this guide is affiliated with Rooster Teeth or Trevor Collins. This is a purely personal project with no incentive or reason besides me wanting to create something.