About the Statistical Infographic

Tl;dr - A statistical infographic on season 15 of Red vs. Blue. See the number of explosions, bullets fired, f*cks given, and bodies dropped.

Red vs. Blue has always had a special place in my heart since it was the gateway into my relationship with the Rooster Teeth Family. After my friend introduced it to me in middle school, Red vs. Blue and Rooster Teeth in general became foundational to my life (sounds a lot more serious than it is). Rooster Teeth content has brought innumerous laughs to my house and is something that I hope and believe will continue in years to come. 

Because of this, I decided that with the most recent season of Red vs. Blue that I should make a small and simple statistical infographic that displays some fun and relatable results. While this infographic is very simple, it’s something that I hope a lot of you will find fun to browse and maybe inspire others to do something better than what I created.

Overall, this infographic covers all the swears, deaths, explosions, bullets fired, and outside references used in season 15 of Red vs. Blue.