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Patrick Eng Resume [IT]

Patrick Eng - Head of Marketing Technology

My name is Patrick Eng, I am 22 years old and I currently work as the Head of Marketing Technology at Direct Development, an inbound marketing agency in Fairfax, Virginia. I graduated from George Mason University with degree in Information Technology, and have a strong desire to blend both technology and marketing strategy into a symbiotic organism.



At George Mason University, I was fortunate enough to enroll in various Information Technology (IT) courses that covered the basics in the ever growing field of IT. As a lover of all technology, it has been a passion of mine to learn various languages. frameworks, and platforms that aid me in my marketing profession. The robust curriculum at George Mason has and continues to provide me with the education and resources to pursue a more in-depth career in Information Technology. Courses taken taught everything from networking essentials to Ruby on Rails.
AWARDS: Dean's list (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) 


September, 2017 - Present [Direct Development, Fairfax]

As a Marketing Technology Manager, it is my responsibility to manage our internal and overseas team of IT solutions experts and provide oversight and coordination on our account-based tech projects. I work with various project managers to establish overall priority and ensure quality of service of projects handled by external developers. I am the marketing technologist of last resort, meaning when my team is unable to solve a problem for one of our clients, it becomes my job to dive into the issue and find the solution.

This management also includes working with the internal managers on deliverable dates and assessing the cost, timeline and outcome of potential projects. When not managing and directing our IT team, I work on analyzing the data produced from our various marketing campaigns and brainstorming different routes to optimize those marketing efforts. This occasionally requires knowledge of various API integrrations, including HubSpot, SalesForce, Zapier, HotJar, SurveyMonkey, Stripe and more. 

May 2017 - July 2017 [Zeniark, Philippines]

On top of my general duties as a Marketing Technologist, I also added to my responsibilities that of a consultant. I worked with my current employer to send me to the Philippines to spend the summer working with our partner IT solutions company. During my time overseas, I spent each day working with our external development team to provide clarity and feedback in order to improve the quality of work provided by them. 

Those two months revealed inefficiencies both in how we assigned projects to our team in the Philippines, and common errors that our managers had to constantly correct. It was my job to explain to the managers, developers, and QA employees what we look for in finished products and best practices when it comes to developing custom work in HubSpot.

After completing my Marketing Technologist and Consultant work each day, I would work on side-projects that the Zeniark team designed that helped me grow in my knowledge and confidence in Photoshop, JavaScript, and Yii (a PHP framework). This extra training helped me become a more well-rounded technologist that can design and develop blog mock-ups, banners, and infographics.

August 2015 - September 2017 [Direct Development, Fairfax]

My time as a Marketing Technologist evolved dramatically over its two year life span. In the beginning, a majority of my time was spent acquainting myself with the HubSpot platform, learning the ins and outs, its limitations, and its real power. This learning experience took the shape of publishing blog posts and social media posts every week, all from within HubSpot. It also looked like creating hundreds of landing pages and website pages, both to educate leads and drive them farther down the enrollment/donor funnel. I spent many hours optimizing images across our site, ensuring that each page was mobile responsive, and was following the ever-changing SEO best practices.

I soon graduated to marketing automation and data analysis, looking at our marketing campaigns and suggesting small improvements that could potentially improve the results. I worked with our project managers to develop emails, Calls-To-Action, and various pieces of smart content that was targeted for each of our segmented audiences. I grew in my understanding of the Inbound Marketing methodology, and worked with clients to understand how HubSpot works to generate them leads using this methodology. 

May 2015 - August 2015 [EPA, Washington D.C.]

Over the summer months of 2015, I was selected to begin an internship at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This internship, based in Crystal City, put me in contact with a team of professionals working in the PR department. As I became more familiar with my team, and them with me, I expressed interest in tackling IT related issues that they faced.

Luckily, my boss at the time knew I was working towards an IT degree and set me on a path to help they fix some issues they were having internally that my skill set would be suited for. I spent almost every week working in their SharePoint site, trying to get it optimized.


Fairfax, VA


  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • HubSpot, WordPress, Ceros, and Squarespace

  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Dreamweaver

  • PHP, Yii, Ruby on Rails, Swift, Python, Java, Bootstrap, SQL

  • Mac and Windows OS

  • Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Box, and GitHub


  • Live to learn

  • Create & explore

  • Submit work you are proud of

  • Do more than the routine

  • There's always two sides to the story

  • Living to please others is not living

Learn more about my personality here


October 1996 - Present

You might find this controversial, but I wanted to list my Personality Traits as told by the Meyers-Briggs personality test. While some people swear by this and others think its a waste of time, I think that it has some truth to it that is worth sharing. Here are my four traits and why I believe that they reflect part of who I am (to see the full result, see the explanation of The Virtuoso personality):

1. Introvert

I have always been someone to appreciate a few close friendships than many shallower friendships. I have never had a desire to go out and meet many new people and I never feel excited or energized to go out to a big group party. My real desire is to spend quality time with a handful of close friends and enjoy our moments together, ranging from sitting around and just being in each other's presence (preferably gaming) to going out to a good restaurant. I like to reflect on my options before I act, and while I can be spontaneous, my initial reaction is to take a step back and think through my decisions. 

2. Sensing

I am a practical person. I like having the facts in front of me in order to see the big picture. My strengths lie in having concrete information, and abstract explanations aren't enough for me to produce a satisfactory product. Experiences help sear knowledge into my head and learning on the job is my preferred method of education. Lectures in college are a good base, but trial by fire has proven to help me grow in my academic and professional skill set. 

3. Thinking

We make hundreds of decisions every day. With a thinking personality, I tend to look towards the more logical and consistent solution. One reason I agree with this result from the Meyers-Briggs test is my nickname is high-school was Spock. For those unfamiliar with Star Trek, Spock is a character that uses logic over feelings when making decisions. While this sort of decision-making may seem cold and uncaring, emotions still play a part in my decision making. I just value facts and reason over feelings.

4. Perceiving

People see my lifestyle as casual and flexible. I don't want to live in a rigid schedule that allows no room for spontaneity. I like to respond to moments as they happen, and crafting responses on the fly feel more rewarding to me than pre-set answers (don't think that this means I come into every situation unprepared though). I like to dedicate certain chunks of my time to serious work, but I also highly value those breaks in between in order to maintain a level of sanity and enjoyment.