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School & Work Projects

Here are some projects that I worked / am working on during my time at George Mason University and at Direct Development.


School Projects

During my college career, I have had the opportunity to work on various IT projects. Some have been fun and enjoyable, others have made we want to smash my computer against the wall (looking at you IT 106 and 206). You can find some of my projects that I have deemed worthy of the public eye on this page. As of now, there has only been 1 project that I am even remotely OK with other people seeing. I hope you enjoy.


IT 492 & 493 | Senior Capstone

For my senior capstone project, I worked with six other IT majors to find a local business, identify an issue, and implement a solution. In this two semester long course, we spend the first semester finding a business, researching it, and planning how we solve their issue. Then, in the second semester, we actually implement that solution and track our progress.

This course gave our team a glimpse into real-world project management and project-based work, from software like Microsoft Project, to dealing with a client that doesn't communicate well. In our case, we worked with a self-employed barber and got him setup on a platform called StyleSeat. The issue was that he had no data on his own business, with no way to track sales or any ability to market his services.

IT 390 Rapid Scalable Applications.jpg

IT 390 | Rapid Development of Scalable Applications

In IT 390, I worked with a team of three other developers to develop an application for my school. We taught ourselves Ruby on Rails and developed a web-based app that allows users to login using their school credentials and sign up for various time slots at Gyms to encourage pick-up-games. Each time slot shows how many people are currently registered for that time at a specific gym, and how many spots are still available.

IT 315 App Development.jpg

IT 315 | iOS App Development

In IT 315, I was tasked with creating two apps. The first app was very simple, since it just covered the basics of Swift and Xcode. In order to get a decent foundation, I developed a password generator app. In this app, users select how long the password will be, and a random string of characters is generated. In order to run the code, you need access to Xcode.

For my second app, I wanted to do something a little more fun. So, I decided to make a baby name generator, pulling in names from popular series. For those who are more tech-savvy, I used a Game of Thrones API to pull a list of characters, and used a JSON file to list characters from Harry Potter. This app uses a Master Detail template and loads a majority of its assets from external files hosted elsewhere, thus making the downloaded app very lean. In order to run the code, you need access to Xcode.


IT 331 | A Website using Bootstrap and JavaScript

IT 331 is an introductory Web Development course. While it is not particularly challenging, it is an important course in laying out the foundation for more advanced Web Dev courses. In this project, unsurprisingly, I was tasked with building a website. This website utilizes BootStrap, and basic JavaScrup

I chose the theme to be about my time in Europe, and what I experienced while over seas. Click the button below to see the actual site.

Work Projects

Since starting work at Direct Development in August of 2015, I have had the privilege of working with many Higher Ed and Nonprofit clients. Over these two years, I have taught myself various markup and programming languages that aid me in my web design and development, as well as general familiarity in Adobe Photoshop. As I have grown professionally, starting as an inter, moving to a Marketing technologist, and finally as a Marketing Technologist Manager, I have come to harness and refine my skills in managing people, ensuring quality of work, finessing my knowledge of the Inbound marketing strategy, and deepening my knowledge of web development.

Visit Junior day.png

Marymount University Junior Visit Day

Sometime last year, I was asked to design an infographic promoting Junior visit day at Marymount University. Since we had no deisgner at the time, I volunteered to tackle the project myself, nkowing full well that I had no experience in this area. While it had to go through various iterations and overhauls, I was satisfied with how it turned out in the end.


Marymount University Graduate Blog Revamp

I recently had some downtime at work and decided to redesign one of our clients' blogs, The Next Degree. This blog is aimed at graduate students, and another blog we run, Choose Your Path, which is aimed at undergraduate students, was recently redesigned. So, I opened up Photoshop and tried my hand at creating a blog mock-up.