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Some Content Ideas

Sometimes I come up with some pretty random ideas. Here's a brief look into some of my favorite ones.

T-Shirt Designs

I Fix, Gavin Free Net Worth, and Golf with Friends [More Coming Soon]

Since t-shirt designs are such an important part of RT merch, and the bounteous amounts of content and quotes that RT and co put out, I wanted to try my hand at designing some t-shirts based on some of my favorite quotes and moments. Check out my t-shirt design page to see the full designs.

Season 15 of Red vs. Blue Statistics [Infographic]

With the newest season of Red vs. Blue making having wrapped up, I wanted to come up with a way to make something fun with it. So, I thought I could make a stat guide of everything that happens in this season. This would include events like a curse count, bullets fired, reds and blues killed, number of explosions, and whatever else I find worth recording.

Branching History of Rooster Teeth [Infographic]

Due to the vast network that Rooster Teeth has created, cramming so many milestones into the timeline infographic was difficult. One way that I want to revamp the entire timeline is to add branches. Rooster Teeth and all its affiliates would start at the same point, but at every major milestone, different entities will break off. 

For example, when the timeline reaches 2008, it will split into 2 paths: the first will continue on with RT related material, while the second will hold Achievement Hunter material. The, when the RT timeline hits 2015, it will branch again. This time, the second branch (which is really the third at this point), will hold only Funhaus related material.

History of Rooster Teeth [Infographic]

Rooster Teeth has evolved since its foundation in 2003. From its humble beginnings of playing video games while drunk, to producing a feature length film, Rooster Teeth continues to pioneer in the world of online video. 

So, I designed a timeline outlining major milestones in their growth as a company. Due to how much they have accomplished, many people will be dissatisfied as to what I included and exlduded. Rooster Teeth and its employees have accomplished so much, so I hope you enjoy some of their major milestones (maybe some of them you didn't know about).

How to Edit a LP [Guide]

Over the years, watching video content online has evolved dramatically. We have gone from a time of downloading gigabytes worth if information to watch something on our laptops, to now streaming entire movies with the click of a button. Achivement Hunter is an example of one company that has capitalized on the expansion of video content, and delivers it to fans and viewers that don't seem to get enough.

I've developed an Guide that is based on a video editor at Achievement Hunter...Trevor Collins. He made a video a few years ago, called How to Edit a Let's Play, that walked viewers through the basic process he takes to edit these widely consumed videos. I have re-purposed that video into an guide for easier access.

My Blog

While I am not the biggest fan of blogging, partially because I suck at writing, I am beginning a blog that I hope people can come to and just read a fun story or learn something new. I have no agenda behind this blog, since its main purpose is to provide valuable content to people.