Patrick Eng
An Aspiring Rooster Teeth Employee

T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs Inspired by Rooster Teeth

Thanks for coming to check out some t-shirts I designed based on Rooster Teeth content. To be clear, this page isn't to showcase my design skills, since I am not skilled in that area nor actively working to be. I want this page to be a place where real designers can come to get inspired and draw ideas from the quotes and events that I think are shirt-worthy. I hope you enjoy!

DC Rooster Teeth Shirt final.png

Rooster Teeth D.C.

Inspired by the Rooster Teeth Chicago Community Women's Shirt, this shirt references the D.C. skyline and city flag.


I Fix (Inspired by Let's Play: Dead by Daylight: Leatherface)

The AH Crew tries to escape the newest character, Leatherface, in the recent DLC of Dead by Daylight. As they frantically run around and try to fix generators, they inspire themselves with the simple but powerful phrase, "I fix". With these two simple words, repeated over and over again, are they able to escape and live another day.


Gavin Free Net Worth (Inspired by Gavin Constantly Getting Made Fun of)

Due to the constant harassment that Gavin experiences at the hands of Achievement Hunter about how much he is actually worth, I thought it would be fun to design a simple shirt that shows how much Gavin is actually worth in USD. My information was pulled from the always reliable and accurate and the content pulled in from Let's Play Sky Factory Part 6. 


Golf with Friends Birdie (Inspired by the Golf With Your Friends series)

Jeremy Dooley has taken it upon himself to assign bird noises to the common scores while playing Golf with Friends. For example, when someone gets a birdie, it is accompanied with a tweet tweet noise. Or, if someone gets an eagle, its the sound of a screeching pterodactyl uppercutting a T-Rex. 

So, I decided to design a birdie shirt.