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Some Projects

Achievement Hunter: GMOD TTT Data

Achievement Hunter has played Trouble in Terrorist Town for years - now we have some data on how they've done.

the history of rooster teeth

Since it first began in 2001, Rooster Teeth has accomplished a lot of milestones. Here's a list of some of the biggest ones.


Curious about experiential content? Here are few experiences to give you a taste.


About Me

I'll get around to this eventually.

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After using HubSpot in my day-to-day job at a Partner company all throughout college, I realized it was time for me to take a risk and go straight to the source. For the past year, I've worked at HubSpot as a Customer Onboarding Specialist, helping 100+ businesses learn how to best use HubSpot for their goals, training them in best practices, and implementing new marketing, sales, and customer service strategies.

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