Marketer, Developer, SEO Specialist, Gamer, and Random Knowledge Blogger.


I’ve been living and breathing the inbound marketing methodology of over three years now. As the resident HubSpot expert, I get to delve into analytics, smart content, A/B testing, chat bots, marketing automation, and the like. I’m always on the lookout to improve a user’s experience, what personalized content works best for them, and how to do that in the platforms available to me.

I am passionate about marketing technology and am always trying to find new ways to augment existing marketing strategies with new tools and user data. Some of my favorites include HubSpot, SEMRush, Moz, SquareSpace, Google Ads, Analytics, and Search Console, HotJar, and Ceros.


During my time at George Mason University, I was able to code out applications in a variety of languages and frameworks, including:

  • Java

  • PHP and SQL

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Swift

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

  • Python

I love being able to solve complex problems, though I easily lose track of time in the process. While it can be frustrating a lot of the time, I know there’s always a solution to the problem, and love the experience of arriving at the eventual solution.

SEO Specialist

As someone who loves both marketing and technology, SEO seemed like a perfect fit. Not only does it peak my interest in how Google’s search algorithms work, but it also integrates with my desire to strategize content in ways that work best for leads and customers. I love staying up-to-date on all of Google’s changes, and drafting up / implementing different SEO strategies that we can use for all of our marketing campaigns. My go-to tools are SEMRush, Moz, Google Ads, Analytics, and Search Console (plus thought leaders like Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, and Larry Kim).

Random Knowledge Blogger

As part of my 2018 new year’s resolution and my general desire to always be learning, I dedicated each week to learning about a random topic that I had always thought about but never learned about. If you’re curious about what I’ve written about, you can head on over to my blog. In each week’s post, I would scour the web for some articles written on the topic I had for that week and read through each article. In order to better help retain that information, I would write down my interpretation of that article.

In 2019 and beyond, I plan to continue learning about new topics, but will probably reduce the frequency to once every other week. This decision was made so that I could also focus on my next project - a family planning app for iOS.

Certifications and Qualifications


  1. Google Ads Mobile Certified

  2. Google Ads Fundamentals Certified


  1. Online Marketing Foundations