Week 46 - A Year of Learning Over...What's Next

So I guess it's done. A whole year of writing a blog post each week and learning something new. Sure, I missed a few here and there, but I think 46 out of 52 is pretty damn good.

But with this door closed, I now get to think about what's next. And honestly, I'm excited about what I have planned for this new year.

While I'll probably keep writing here and there, it will be at a much slower pace than what I just did. Instead of a post every week, maybe I'll just do one or two each month.

With all the weekends I would normally spend on reading and writing, I can now dedicate to finishing and starting my various Ceros projects (Rooster Teeth Family Showcase and updating the Rooster Teeth Family Timeline). Plus, another project I have in mind that still needs to be fleshed out.

Besides these fan-projects though, I actually have something real to work on - a family planning app. For some reason, I've always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth, and with the help of a few friends who are also passionate about this topic, encouraged me to actually build something out.

If you followed the blog closely, you'll notice that week 38 was about the app development process. That was not a coincidence.

While there are commonly used apps out there already (like Flo, Eve, Kindara, etc), I figured that I could take a crack at it with the input from women who still can't find what they need. So, for the next year (and probably more), I'll be developing a family planning app.

I envision this app to be a couple's app though, one that not only tracks the woman's cycle but also educates the guy on what's actually happening. Sure, I'm fascinated with how it all works (which basically everyone will think is super weird), but I also believe strongly in educating guys on what is actually happening. If the guy understands the cycle and changes his partner's body is going through, I think the relationship can grow in a way that isn't normally experienced.

I'll make sure to publish any updates on the blog and website as they come out, so if you're interested in this app (whatever it comes out to be) or just want to stay updated on its progress, check back in on the site from time to time.

Maybe I'll even throw in a form at some point so you can get notified by email.